Why I Chose MFL

I chose French as I love languages and really enjoy studying different cultures. Also, I enjoy translating and seeing how different languages link together. Charlotte Spencer (Y11 2012)

I chose French because people look for it in a job and also its good if you want to travel. I also enjoy it. Hannah Palmer (Y11 2012)

J’ai choisi le français car apprendre une langue étrangçre est importante. Aussi, c’était ma matière préférée. En plus, j’ai aimé CBLC.Hebba Beech (Y11 2012)

I picked French because I was good at it in Year 9 and it is unique and a skill for life. Ben Ryan (Y11 2012)

I chose GCSE German because it helps me to achieve my goals as a teacher and I enjoy learning a different language. (Y10 2012)

I chose French because I wanted to do a language, plus it looks good on your CV. Amie Lovatt (Y11 2012)

I enjoy doing German and it will help me to get a job that includes German. (Y10 2012)

Because the lessons are different, it is more important now for business to have linguists and I enjoy it. Anthony Shore (Y10 2012)

A new experience and to get a better knowledge of the language plus I enjoyed in Key Stage 3. (Y10 2012)

It will help me in my future career. Ryan Hollinshead (Y10 2012)

German gives you great options once you leave school and it’s fairly easy to learn. (Y10 2012)

I chose French as I want to work in France in the future, and am also going to be continuing to study French at A level at college. Sam Burton (Y11 2012)

I chose French because it looks good on a CV and you get an extra qualification for doing a language and humanity. Annie Mae-Smith (Y11 2012)

I have heard that languages boost your appeal to employers. Also, I love languages anyway! It’s really fun! Michael Hand (Y10 2012)

Because I liked the teachers and it’s interesting to learn new stuff! Jack Norcup (Y10 2012)