School History – 1964

These photographs were taken in what is now the courtyard garden from roughly where the pond is today. At the rear of the picture, Geography Room 8 can be seen in its original condition where it opened onto an open corridor. The teacher is Miss Steele who also taught RE

Another boy’s team

Football team with Bill Dale (Geog and Maths)

The two photographs above were taken in what is now the courtyard garden from roughly where the pond is today and looks towards the Geography corridor. This area had originally been the senior girls and boys yards, separated by a wall and with toilets in the centre. By the 1960s the original blue tiled floor had been covered over with tarmac. and the area used for sports.

The original Edwardian building (now rooms 1-7) was extended in the late 1930s to form a C shaped building around the yard so that they formed a C shape. Each classroom opened onto a covered walkway. This walkway, although later glazed to make a corridor survived until the mid 90s when it was replaced by a much wider corridor.

This collection dates from the era just before the extensive redevelopment of the site during the mid 60s. These developments (classrooms, a New Main Hall and Sports Area) provided some of the best facilities in the area at the time, with their designs gaining national acclaim.

A boy’s football team taken at the same time. The corridor in the photograph was ejected in 1939 and was replaced in the late 90s. The staff are Ken Taylor (left) and Reg Johnson (right)

Senior pupils taken in 1964

The staff are Pat Spode (left); The Head Mr Cooper, centre