School History – 1903

We have very few photographs about our school. If you have any that you would like to share with us do contact us, alternatively you may be able to add detail to the ones in our archive. Do you recognise the face?

This photograph shows some of the women who worked in the school around 1903.

The school had about 500 pupils at the time and was still housed in the Victorian block (now demolished) at the corner of Station Road and High Street in the village. The school was still independent and had not been taken over by the local authority.

The Headteacher at the time was Mr Hewitt and one of these said to be his wife. (This is probably the one on the back row, second from the right). Mrs Sumnal another teacher is on the front row second from the left.

The school would have had large class sizes at the time and a number of pupil teachers. These were young women often as young as 16 who acted as ‘assistants’ to the teacher but often took classes of their own.