School History – 1905

We have very few photographs about our school. If you have any that you would like to share with us do contact us, alternatively you may be able to add detail to the ones in our archive. Do you recognise the face?

The picture to the right shows some of the pupils with their teacher Mrs Hewitt about 1905.

The school’s population was at its largest about this time before numbers dropped as the war approached. Attendance was at all time low of only 56% in 1904! The school was still a private school funded through donations, fees and local religious groups.

The teacher in the second photograph is Mrs Sumnal.

The school was taken over by Staffordshire County Council in 1909. Under stricter national rules for attendance and closer monitoring of absence, attendance was soon into the high 90s

Both these photographs were taken by the side of the Victorian school building (now demolished). The headteacher’s house can be seen to the left.