School History – 1960-1979

Mr. Cooper became Head in September 1960. He was formerly Deputy Head at McKenzie Secondary School, Cheadle. He was, during his headship, able to instigate some of the biggest building developments in the school’s history.

Discussions as to how to deal with the poor accommodating started almost immediately. The boys outside toilets and been demolished just before his arrival and new indoor facilities completed. Although the fabric of the buildings was sound they still suffered from the problems of the war and lack of funds in the depression of the 1920s. One proposal put to the County Council was build an entirely new school on a site at Miles Green. When this wasn’t possible Mr. Cooper pressed the authorities for new buildings on the existing site. These were soon agreed and plans devised. The new extensions were planned to transform not only the facilities but the whole image of the school. As a temporary measure mobile classrooms were added in 1961. These were removed with the 1950s ones when the 1960s extensions were completed.

The order for the building work was signed on 25th September 1963 and took nearly two years to complete. When completed the new extensions almost immediately was recognise for their excellent designs. They comprised a large extension at the front of the school (now our admin. block) and a large Hall with classrooms and PE facilities. The existing 1930s rooms and the 1914 block were extensively renovated.

Although these facilities were excellent and provided much needed space the school was able to expand again under Mr. Cooper when he succeeded in gaining funding for an even greater extension in the late 1970s. This phase saw the construction of the current Sports Hall, extension practical rooms, language areas and most significantly a substantial increase in the sports fields.

Under Mr. Cooper the school expanded dramatically and set standards that allowed subsequent heads to build upon.