Senior Staff



Principal Mrs Hingley
Vice Principal: Behaviour & Attitudes Mrs Wootton
Vice Principal: Quality of Education and Digital Technology Mrs Shoreman
Assistant Principal: Careers and Behaviour  Mr Porter
Associate Assistant Principal: Community and Events Mr Taylor
Senior Pastoral Lead  Mrs Holloway
Senior Teacher  Mrs Chadwick

Heads of Faculty (1st & 2nd)

Technology Mr Porter
Performance & Health Ms Deakin (1st)
English Mrs Chadwick (1st), Mr Kerr (2nd)
Mathematics Mr Mason (1st), Miss McCaffery (2nd)
Humanities & MFL Mr Heywood (1st)
Science Mr Warriner (1st), Mrs Slaney (2nd)

Administration Contacts

Main number 01782 729400
Office Supervisor Mrs Hewitt 01782 729420
HR Mrs Rowell 01782 973017
School Email

Teaching Staff

Art Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Chadwick
Drama Mr Kerr, Mrs Robins, Mr Taylor
English Language & English Literature Mrs Chadwick, Mr Kerr,  Mrs Griffin, Mr Taylor, Mrs Hingley, Miss Miller, Mrs Robins
Food & Catering Mrs Johnson
Geography Mr Brown, Mr O’Connor
Health & Social Care Ms Deakin
Special Needs Mr O’Connor, Mrs Bryan, Miss Heath, Ms Day, Mr Oliver
History Miss Adams,  Mr Heywood, Mr O’Connor
ICT & Business Studies Mrs Cooper
Maths Mr Mason, Ms McCaffery, Mr Williams, Mrs Bridgewater
Modern Languages Mr Rouffet , Mrs Bridgewater
Music Miss Miller
PE Mrs Locke, Mr O’Neill, Mr Porter
RE Mr Heywood
Science Mr Warriner, Mr Cumberland, Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Slaney, Mr Qayyum, Mr Porter
Technology Mr Callow

House Leaders

Air Miss Franklin
Fire Miss Hughes
Water Mrs Robbins/Mrs Holloway

Support Staff

HR Mrs Rowell
Office Supervisor Mrs Hewitt
Receptionist & Admin Assistant Mrs Cox
Senior ICT Technician Miss Whiston
Teaching Assistants (Special Needs) Ms Day, Mr Oliver, Miss Heath, Mr O’Connor, Mrs Bryan
Librarian Ms Delefane
Science Technician Mr Mohammad
Exams & Data Officer Mr Hay
D & T Technician Mr Simpson
Caretaker Mr Williams
Cover Officer Miss Hughes
Lunch Supervisors Mrs Payne