Student Leadership

Student Leadership Teams 

We are very excited to announce an extended range of opportunities for you to get involved with in school. 

We are looking for students to take on a variety of roles within our Student Leadership Programme for next academic year. At the moment, we have vacancies for: School Council, House Captains, Peer mentors (Year 10), Anti-bullying ambassadors (Year 8), Transition mentors (Year 7), Reading buddies (Year 9/10), Peer maths tutors (Year 9/10.) 

Read below to see if you are the sort of person we are looking for:

Student Leadership job description 2022

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L Myatt
J Clay
C Cotton-Eyre
E Parsons

Y7 Transition

S Henshall
E Eardley
W Barnish
J Whalley
K Chapman
L Phillips
J Shepherd
L Davies
I Nihindiri
G Harvey
B Hooper
D Schroff
H Kent
E Hayward
L O’Brien
D Croft

Y8 Anti-Bullying

B Clifton
D Tulley
E Smith
E Flowers
I Ford
M Symonds
M Tyrer

Y9 Community Ambassadors

D Banks-Reid
M Downs
R Dugmore
C Dunn
E Dotton
S Flowers
A Harrison
D Henry
C Johnson
K Kirkham
R McArdle
C Mould
H Roach
C Rowley
C Johnson
K Kirkham
R McArdle
C Mould
H Roach
C Rowley
K Shingler
L Small
Z Timmis
H Tunnicliffe
M White
J Wintle
M Yates

Y10 Peer Mentors

L Daulton
S Edwards

Y10 Community Ambassadors

J Allman
L Beeston
B Davenhill
Leland Ginnis-Chilton
C Goodfellow
H Hales
A Johnson
Z Khan
H Lawler
K Lovatt
J Ogden
L Pass
T Timmis
S Waring
F White
P Whitmore
K Wong
L Wright

Y10 Athlete Mentors

O Allen
S Barker
H Bowden
O Challinor
C Cooper
A Cotterill
M Davison
K Deeming
B Dodd
O Downes
H Ferns
L Green
L Johnson
C Knight
C Pickthorne
D Saive
L Toplass
A Turkmen
E White
A Amison
R Bailey
T Bradeley
A Capel
R Henshall
S Latham
L Madonko
O Rawlin
B Shaw
A Stockton

Y11 Athlete Mentors

C Babb
D Bailey
M Byatt
O Campbell
R Cartlidge
C Heath
H Howe-Jones
B Jones
F Jones
E Lockett
EM Mountford
L Myatt
E Parsons
M Reay
N Redman
H Woodward
H Yates